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Aero-Swing® in all Golf Galaxy Stores

I am an engineer and creator of AERO-SWING®, US Pat. #10,850,151.

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It’s plain and simple, I love to golf. Like most golfers, I am always looking for that extra product or lesson to improve my game. Ideas come to inventors out of the blue. This is the case with Aero-Swing®. While on vacation in FL, the idea of having a variable wind resistant product popped into my head. After doing some patent discovery, I decided to file for a patent, and pursue the development and creation of Aero-Swing®!

I wanted to invent a product that provided the maximum resistance at the ball impact zone. And to be able to make the resistance adjustable. Not to mention develop a product that would allow a golfer to strike balls while they were training on their swing speed.  There is no other product like Aero-Swing.  We are seeing incredible results with golfers who have used our Swing Speed Trainer.

This has been a fun ride! From product inception/filing for patent protection to Aero-Swing® being on the shelves in all 96 Golf Galaxies, this only took 9 months. Ideas continue to flow and more products are on the horizon. Other golf related products are in the early stages of development. You will be hearing of these shortly. My Aero-Swing® patent covers “any sports swung implement”, so expect to see Aero-Swing® on shelves near you for Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball and a few other sports.

Bill Orosz

Aero-Swing® President