Aero-Swing® is the safest and most effective golf training aid for increasing a golfer’s swing speed at any age. Use our patented system to safely leverage wind resistance to strengthen key golf muscles for obtaining greater distances with any club. You can never outgrow it.

I have been a golf mental and physical golf performance coach for over 27 years. In my time , I have seen numerous golf aids claiming to increase your distance. For the last 7 months , the players I coach have been training with the Aero Swings. From 11 years old to 55, they have all significantly increased their clubhead and ball speeds.
If you are serious about increasing your distance , I would purchase the AERO-SWINGS.
Amazing product !

Skip Redford MA

Master Golf Performance Coach

I spent the last 37 years in the golf industry as a top notch player, an instructor, a tv personality and as a golf professional turning professional in 1991. We are seeing significant results with Aero-Swing incorporated into our youth training program at Bethpage Black in Long Island, NY. I use it myself and LOVE this training aid!
Kelley Brooke

Former Host on the Golf Channel, Golf Professional

AERO-SWING is an excellent resistance trainer which is an integral part of a great fundamental learning model. Students who learn and improve the fastest will be using the AERO-SWING to improve their backswing, their forward swing, swing speed, and connection between arm swing, body turn and leg work simultaneously. By doing so one can greatly improve impact, ball-striking consistency and distance. When integrated into a proper fundamental learning model, this accelerates improvement without the frustration of hours and dollars wasted on the driving range.
Kirk Jones, PGA

Author "Golf fundamentals - A guide to successfully learning to play and enjoy the sport", Co-author of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America teaching manual

Great for Anyone!

Aero-Swing® is the best tool I’ve found for speed training. It’s the only one you can use while hitting with your own clubs for the best practice. I especially love my Aero-Swing® MINI, with its slightly smaller size. It’s great for anyone!

Women’s Long Drive Competitor
Alex Phillips

Golf specific muscles

The Aero-Swing® is a great product to help me with my weight training. As athletes, we all spend time in a weight room, and I use this as part of that weight routine. After my weight training, I swing my Aero-Swing® to work my golf specific muscles. This product will help you feel those muscles.

World Long Drive Competitor
Will Hogue

PGA names Aero-Swing Fab 4 product of the year at 2022 Merchandise show