Aero-Swing® is the best golf training aid for increasing a golfer’s swing speed at any age. Use our patented training aid to safely leverage wind resistance to strengthen key golf muscles for obtaining greater distances with any club. You can never outgrow it.

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Perfect Tool

Golf Instructors across the country are finding that Aero-Swing® is the perfect tool to add to their training arsenal when it comes to training students of all ages how to swing the club faster and hit the ball further. Aero-Swing® is the most versatile swing speed training device on the market today, allowing teachers and students to modify the placement of Aero-Swing® on the shaft, thus increasing or decreasing wind resistance.

1990 PGA Tour Champion
Jodie Mudd

Great for Anyone!

Aero-Swing® is the best tool I’ve found for speed training. It’s the only one you can use while hitting with your own clubs for the best practice. I especially love my Aero-Swing® MINI, with its slightly smaller size. It’s great for anyone!

Women’s Long Drive Competitor
Alex Phillips

Golf specific muscles

The Aero-Swing® is a great product to help me with my weight training. As athletes, we all spend time in a weight room, and I use this as part of that weight routine. After my weight training, I swing my Aero-Swing® to work my golf specific muscles. This product will help you feel those muscles.

World Long Drive Competitor
Will Hogue

How Does Aero-Swing® Work?

At the top of the golf swing, Aero-Swing® has a minimal effect.
Mid-downswing, Aero-Swing’s® Air Drag Technology is beginning to create resistance while air naturally flows through the product.
This is where Aero-Swing® starts to create noticeable resistance on the golf swing. One device will result in 10-15 MPH of resistance. Add a second device for 20-25 MPH of resistance.
Aero-Swing’s® resistance on the golf swing is most intense at this moment.
After you make impact with the golf ball, the resistance will start to become less.
Now starting your follow through, the resistance becomes much less allowing you to properly follow through impact.