Variable Swing Resistance

Patented Aero-Swing® technology was developed around a concept for creating variable swing resistance. Aero-Swings, the modular component of Aero-Swing® technology, come in two sizes: 3.9 ounce (regular); and 2.5 ounce (mini). 

Aero-Swing® Components

Aero-Swings can be added to any golf club or to one of three Aero-Shafts: 48″ (long drive); 39″ (junior); and 30″ (shorty). To adjust resistance, golfers simple add or take off Aero-Swings. Aero-Swings can be purchased in single and double packs. 


Aero-Swing® Inventor Bill Orosz Explains the Science Behind Aero-Swing® Technology

Aero-Swing® Products