Aero-Swing® is the most versatile and effective Swing Speed Training Aid available. It also works as a great warm up tool.  You can take it on the course with you and keep loose. Aero-Swing® fits on your own club and has variable resistant levels for all ages and skill levels. There are 3 ways of Variable Resistance: 1) You can put more than 1 Aero-Swing® on your own club. 2) You can move Aero-Swing® up the shaft and closer to your hands, thus providing slower speed and wind resistance. 3) Aero-Swing’s® Patented holes and flanges pull the most air into the device, which causes the most resistance right before ball impact!  Aero-Swing is the only Swing Speed Training Aid that allows you to strike walls while working to improve your swing speed.

Wholesale Contact

Aero-Swing’s® suite of products are the perfect complement to any Pro Shop. We have a great wholesale program to allow you to create a new revenue stream for your organization.