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  • Can I hit golf balls while using Aero-Swing?
    Aero-Swing accessory pack will allow a golfer to attach the pineapples to their own clubs, allowing them to strike balls while they train.
  • How does swing speed affect distance?
    1 MPH is equivalent to about 2.6 yards. Aero-swing has proven to increase swing speed up to 25 mph.
  • Will Aero-Swing increase just my driver's distance?
    No, you can increase your swing speed and distance for all of your clubs. Aero-Swing is the only swing speed training device that will fit on any golf club, including your irons.
  • How does using Aero-Swing effect my swing speed?
    Airflow through the product's patented air drag technology naturally resists your golf swing. Aero-Swing will slow down your swing speed by approximately 20-25 MPH. When Aero-swing pineapples are removed, you will see and feel a noticeable difference in swing speed.
  • Does Aero-Swing use weights?
    Aero-Swing uses patented air drag technology to naturally resist your golf swing! Aero-Swing’s light-weight design makes it safe for everyone to use. Weighted products have been known to cause injury while training.
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