Aero-Whip™ Tempo Trainer

The evolution of Aero-Swing® technology led to the development of  the Aero-Whip™ Tempo trainer.  The Aero-Whip™ can be purchased complete with a 48” Adult Grip Flixible Golf Swing Speed Stick and Aero-Swing golf swing speed trainer aids called Aero-Swings.

Aero-Whip™ is an effective warmup tool that utilizes the patented Aero-Swing® technology to provide variable levels of air resistance. Players may choose to use one, two, or three of the variable Aero-Swings to achieve the perfect feel for their warmup.

The flexible Aero-Shaft™ utilized with Aero-Whip™ creates lag on the downswing with release at impact position and follow through. It’s the prefect tempo trainer and creates new-found speed when the golfer returns to his or her playing club.

Aero-Swing® Speed Trainer

Thousands of golfers have chosen to add our patented Aero-Swings to their favorite  fairway wood or wedge for warm-up, tempo, and speed training.  Launched in 2021, the all-new Aero-Swing® Speed Trainer comes compete with either a 48″ (long drive), 39″  (junior), or 30″ (shorty) shaft loaded with three Aero-Swings. Available in 3.9 ounce (regular) and 2.5 ounce (minis),  Aero-Swings are easily removed or added to acheive desired resistance.

No Risk Of Injury

Unlike many speed training devices on the market, Aero-Swing® Trainers allow workouts and warmup without the risk of injury.

Aero-Swing® Inventor, Bill Orosz Explains the Science Behind the Technology

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