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15 year old long drive world champion Kauner Kay used Aero-Whip™ on his way to a stunning 23 mph increase in club head speed and his second world championship.


  • GOLF SWING TRAINER AIDS – Golf swing speed training equipment includes an Aero-Whip 48” Adult Grip Golf Swing Speed Stick and Aero-Swing golf swing speed trainer aids that help with speed training golf.
  • VERY EFFECTIVE WARMUP TRAINER – This golf training aid swing helps golfers Warm Up, Work Swing Tempo, and Swing Speed Training. Uses variable Aero-Swings to provide variable levels of resistance while warming up.
  • HIT THE BALL FURTHER – Choose your level of resistance by adding another aid to the golf speed stick. INCREASE BALL DISTANCE. It strengthens key muscles for greater distances in your golf swing practice.
  • AERO-SWING TRAINERS – The golf swing speed trainers can also be attached to your own club, allowing you to hit golf balls with the weighted trainers for live action training. Attachments included!
  • WHAT YOU WILL GET – (1) Aero-Whip, (2) Regular Aero-Swing, (1) Aero-Swing Mini. The Aero-Shaft hosts different-sized interchangeable Aero-Swings. Regular Aero-Swing weighs 3.9 oz; Mini Aero-Swing weighs 2.5 oz.

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Aero-Whip® (Shaft Only)

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You Can also speed train with your own clubs, Using the Aero-Swings® that come with your Aero-Whip®!

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