Get Faster With Our Training Program

The purchase of your new Aero-Swing® product is the first step in a smoother and faster swing. By taking advantage of our FREE Aero-Swing® Training Program, you’ll see a remarkable change after your first workout.

World Champion Long Driver – Kauner Kay

Kauner Kay (video right side) competes in Amateur Long Drive­™ in the Junior division. Kauner is a World Champion long driver and attributes much of his success to the extra speed he and coach, Dillon Fay  have found using Aero-Swing® products and the Aero-Swing® Training Program.

Speed = Distance

Variable resistance speed training with Aero-Swing® products and Training Program will increase swing speed, creating additional ball speed, that will result in more distance.

Week 1 – 6

Week 7 – 12

Week 13 – 18