Aero-Swing® Testimonials

The Golf Swing Speed product the Trainers use!

MrShortGame Golf – YouTube
Alex Phillips – Long Drive Champion
Jodie Mudd – 1990 PGA Tour Champion
Cory Kaufman – Owner of THE Golf Academy

Golf Instructors across the country are finding that Aero-Swing® is the perfect tool to add to their training arsenal when it comes to training students of all ages how to swing the club faster and hit the ball further. Aero-Swing® is the most versatile swing speed training device on the market today, allowing teachers and students to modify the placement of Aero-Swing® on the shaft, thus increasing or decreasing wind resistance. “Give a professional golf instructor Aero-Swing® and you will see they will find many ways to use the product!” – Jodie Mudd

I’ve been training with Aero-Swing for 8 months now, my swing speed has gone from 115 swing speed to 138 mph my personal best! This product is just plain incredible!!!

Kauner Kay

Junior World Amateur Long Drive Champion 2021

I swing it 100 times a day, with one at a time and two at time. My club head speed has increased from 105 to 112. My ball carries 285.

Jerry Dufour

Competitive Amateur Golfer

This is one of the easiest swing tools to get you faster and stronger with your golf swing.
John Smith

Amazon User

The Aero-Swing® works the best! It has helped me with hitting the golf ball farther!

Jack Ferguson Maxwell

Special Olympic Athlete

I can feel the resistance for sure. It’s a good product that’s a lot more wallet friendly than some other products I’ve used before.

Scottie Pearman

Long Drive 2019 World ALD Champion

I am a big fan of this product and how easy it is to use. Not having to worry about different sizes and weights make it fantastic for any skill level. After just using for two weeks I’m seeing increased distances throughout my bag. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out. Highly recommend this product for individuals and teams alike.

Jason Cox


Aero-Swing® is an excellent resistance trainer which is an integral part of a great fundamental learning model. Students who learn and improve the fastest will be using the Aero-Swing® to improve their back swing, their forward swing, swing speed, and connection between arm swing, body turn and leg work simultaneously. By doing so one can greatly improve impact, ball-striking consistency and distance. When integrated into a proper fundamental learning model this accelerates Improvement without the frustration of hours and dollars wasted on the driving range.

Kirk Jones


I cannot say enough about Bill and this product! I had an issue with the product and within minutes of emailing him, he went as far as to call me instead of hiding behind email. This is the type of customer service that is lost today! The product is amazing and does add swing speed. The product matched with this customer service makes Aero Swing®, a one of a kind company!

Benjamin Detzler

Facebook User

I’ve now done about about 5 or 6 workouts now with the Aero-Swing® (using both of them on my driver) and have picked up 11 mph of swing speed. That is more than I expected I would have gotten, or at least that it would have taken me a year or so to get to, not something I would get to in just a week. I started at 100 mph with my driver (a TM clone with a shaft cut 1 inch shorter than standard) and hit 111 mph today. I’ve gotten the club with both Aero-Swing® devices on up to 86 mph, which I would have said was impossible when I first started swinging it. I didn’t think getting over 80 mph was going to be possible with those things on. At 111 mph, I’m now at the maximum speed I had when I was playing golf regularly about 12 years ago, so I’m pretty happy.


MyGolfSpy Member