Adult Training Program – Driver Distance 150 – 180 Yards


For Adults with a Driver Distance or 150 – 180 Yards

The Golf Swing Speed product the Trainers use!

Aero-Swing® is the best adult golf training aid for increasing a golfer’s swing speed at any age. Use our patented training aid to safely leverage wind resistance to strengthen key golf muscles for obtaining greater distances with any club. This golf training aid for distance works with any swing speed level, and you can never outgrow it.

Use the Aero-Swing® Golf training program for swing speeds less than 88 and 95 mph over a 6 week period and see the results in your distance off the tee. Each session can be completed in around 35 minutes and is a great investment for a life-time of golf.

As your swing speed increases, you can graduate to the next level swing speed training program!

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