Adult – Driver Distance of 240+ Yards


For Adults with a Driver Distance of 240+ Yards

The Golf Swing Speed product the Trainers use!

Aero-Swing® is the best adult golf training aid for increasing a golfer’s swing speed at any age. Use our patented training aid to safely leverage wind resistance to strengthen key golf muscles for obtaining greater distances with any club. This golf training aid for distance works with any swing speed level, and you can never outgrow it.

Use the Aero-Swing® Golf training program for swing speeds greater than 95 mph over a 6 week period and see the results in your distance off the tee. Each session can be completed in around 35 minutes and is a great investment for a life-time of golf.

Golfer’s with higher swing speeds are often tempted to use over-weighted products to gain more distance. The added weight also adds a greater opportunity for injury. Missing weeks on the course recovering from an injury can hinder your progress. The Aero-Swing’s® patented technology focuses on wind resistance instead of increased weight to quickly see increases in your swing speed, carry, and overall distance. Some golfer’s who have higher swing speeds choose to use more than 2 Aero-Swing’s® in training and tend to design their own training regiments. Remember to progress slowly into this kind of training to avoid injury.

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