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      I am Bill Orosz, creator of Aero-Swing. I worked 20 years at AT&T Bell Labs where I was exposed to the creative process of "inventing".  While at Bell Labs, I designed many software and hardware products, both commercially used and licensed. I received two utility patents in '96 and '99. ​ I have protected over 10 patent ideas in the past 10 years. 


     As an avid golfer, I often wondered if there was a device that used wind resistance instead of weights to help strengthen and quicken the golf swing.  I had an idea, did some patent research, and then filed for a patent that same day.

     I wanted to develop a device that provided maximum resistance at the point where you need it most; right before ball impact.  Patent pending hole flanges did the trick.  It was also important to be able to hit golf balls while training. After seeing other devices on the market that use different types of resistance, I realized the deficiencies in those products and knew that the  Aero-Swing Pineapples would revolutionize the industry. My patent also includes any "sports swung implement" such as a baseball bat and hockey stick.  Those products are in development and will be on the market shortly.

     Shortly after developing the Aero-Swing Pineapples, I started to manufacture shafts to hold our Pineapples.  Our flexible "Aero-Whip" has been a game changer, recently winning the Best New Product "Fab Four" award at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show.  Aero-Swing is now a fully patented product.


I am very excited to introduce Aero-Swing into the marketplace because I believe it will help thousands of golfers improve their distance!

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